Annals of Robotics and Automation Submit Manuscript

    Aims and Scope

    Annals of Robotics and Automation will carry manuscripts on the theoretical, computational and experimental aspects of autonomous systems, or modules of such systems.

    Annals of Robotics and Automation urges the authors to focus on advanced robotic techniques, required for autonomous systems to accomplish goals without human intervention, such as

    1. Artificial skin and stretchable sensors and electronics
    2. Bio-inspired or biomimetic robots based on passive dynamics and unconventional material
    3. Continuum robots, flexible robots, reconfigurable robots
    4. Functional materials, morphologies, and assembly for adaptive robotic systems
    5. Modeling and simulation of soft bodied robots and structures
    6. Natural computation, unconventional computation for adaptive robotic systems
    7. Physical human-robot interactions based on soft technologies
    Disciplines in Annals of Robotics and Automation

    Authors are suggested to research, write and send manuscripts in following, but not limited to disciplines of Robotics and Automation:

    • Automated Mining
    • Computational Neuroscience
    • Digital Image Processing
    • Fuzzy Logic
    • Medical Robotics
    • Neural Networks
    • Neurorobotics
    • Robotic Rehabilitation
    • Simulation
    • Social Robots
    • Automation control
    • Automation engineering
    • Autonomous robots
    • Biotechnology and robotics
    • Emergence of the thinking machine
    • Forward kinematics
    • Household robots and automation
    • Inverse kinematics
    • Jacobian and singularities methods for teaching robots
    • Nanotechnology
    • Robotics orientation matrices
    • Robot controller automation software development
    • Robotic surgery
    • Robotic surgical procedures
    • Robotic welding
    • Spatial transformations
    • Trajectory generation
    • Unmanned (robotic) vehicles